Gold And Silver For Life Review

Hey it’s James, and thank you for checking out my Gold And Silver For Life review, an extensive program created by Minesh Bhindi which helps you create passive income.

My Gold And Silver For Life Review

Let’s begin this Gold And Silver For Life review with a very important question.

“What’s the Gold And Silver For Life program about anyway?”

First of all, I’m so glad you stumbled upon my review because I’m one of the few reviewers who actually got access to the program, and can walk you through everything you’ll be getting.

gold and silver for life review

As you can see above, I do have access to the members section and after going through it with a fine-tooth comb… I’m truly blown away.

Anywho, the Gold And Silver For Life program is geared to help you make passive income by following their system and investing in precious metals.

It’s an ongoing program (which I love) and is given in two parts:

  • Phase 1: The Income Strategy For Gold And Silver

This is where you get access to the entire program, and everything that has been perfected since 2010 and now been tested to profit by clients in 39 countries (so it doesn’t matter where you live)!

  • Phase 2: Weekly Question And Answer Guidance Calls

Here you will get access to LIVE weekly calls with Minesh where he’ll walk through the market’s movements, and you can also ask him for any guidance and opinion on any position you have.

What makes this so valuable is that you have lifetime access to this at no ongoing cost.

As referenced by many who have been attending the calls since 2010, they say that the question and answer part of the program is the most valuable (which is very easy to see).

Let’s Take A Look Inside The Members Area

The main training consists of 7 core modules which include videos, PowerPoint slides, and even MP3 files so that you can listen to them while you are driving or even sitting around at home.

Here’s a small taste of each module:

  • Module 1: Introduction To Gold & Silver Investing

gold and silver for life reviewThis is broken down into 8 videos which include everything from the big benefits of gold and silver, to the gold for life mindset, and even the professional way to invest in gold and silver (which I can’t mention here).

  • Module 2: Step 1 Of The Strategy

This module is broken down into 4 videos that reveal the strategy, and more importantly, put it into practice using real examples.

  • Module 3: Step 2 For Monthly Cashflow

Who doesn’t love monthly cashflow? If that phrase is music to your ears, then you’re going to absolutely love what’s revealed in these 5 videos.

  • Module 4: Practical Implementation And Walkthrough

In this module, you’re shown 2 examples so you can learn by actually seeing (instead of just teaching). Don’t let the length of these videos fool you, as they’re short yet very powerful.

  • Module 5: Step 3 Build Your Gold And Silver Fund For Free

I don’t want to give away much of this module, but if you take a look at what the module is called, you’ll have a good idea of what it’s about 🙂

  • Module 6: BONUS Hyper-Compounding Your Wealth

Gotta love bonuses, right? Because that’s what you get in module 6 which is geared toward hyper-compounding your wealth.

This bonus is a single video, and as always, comes with PowerPoint slides and even the downloadable MP3 file.

  • Module 7: Your Action Strategy

This quick video goes through the action steps you need to follow in order to make passive and long term income. I personally enjoy videos like this, because they serve as a “cheat sheet” for what needs to get done in a simplified manner.

Aside from all of the training mentioned above, you will also be getting:

  • The fast start training (which includes quick video walkthroughs for the 4 main steps).
  • Charts (which is currently in Beta mode).
  • Additional training (including profit enhancing principles, cheat sheets, implementation webinar, student case studies, and so much more!

I’m sure you can now see why the Gold And Silver For Life program is so valuable, but I am still not done, as I’ve saved the best part for last.

Weekly Question And Answer Webinars

If you’ve ever picked up any type of blueprint, system, or program but were left with many questions unanswered, then you certainly know what that feels like.

It’s not certainly not good to feel lost.

When it comes to the Gold And Silver For Life program and their weekly Q&A webinars, you’re in good hands, because you’ll never have to worry about feeling left out.

  • You’ll be able to ask for advice.
  • You’ll be able to ask any question you like.
  • You’ll be a part of a great community with many other like minded individuals.

Consider it like group coaching from the master himself (Minesh Bhindi), where he will also walk through the market’s movements and give you his expert advice.

gold and silver for life review

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, you get the recordings of every single weekly webinar dating all the way back to 2011.

So what does that mean for you?

Even if you can’t make a weekly webinar, you can always watch the replay of it (or any other webinar) once it’s quickly uploaded to the members area.

Pretty awesome, right?

Wrapping Up My Gold And Silver For Life Review

There’s no doubt about it, that the Gold And Silver For Life program is worth its weight in gold (pun intended). That’s why I wanted to give you these super bonuses when you get started today.

Since investing in and gold and silver is about building long term passive income, you will also be getting my popular course on Udemy which has been taken by over 3,000 Students.

  • How To Create A Recurring Income Without Having A Membership Site gold and silver for life review

Throughout this easy-to-follow course, you’ll discover how to create an online passive income by leveraging an a simple autoresponder and website.

In just a few steps, you’ll have everything you need to attract visitors, entice them to make a purchase, and keep them coming back for more by renewing their membership.

This all translates to a steady online income stream with minimal effort on your part.

This course currently sells for $200, (which you can see right here) and is yours FREE when you get started with the Gold And Silver For Life program today.

But that’s not all, as you’ll also be getting:

  • Create Passive Income On YouTube Without Creating A Video gold and silver for life review

If you’re looking for an extra way to make extra passive income, this course will guide you through a simple technique that anyone can implement to start earning passive commissions consistently.

Even though you’ll use YouTube to generate passive income online, you won’t have to get in front of a camera, create any videos, or even set up a YouTube channel. Pretty cool, right?

This course also currently sells for $200, (which you can see right here) and is yours FREE when you get started with the Gold And Silver For Life program today.

How To Get Started Now

Concluding my Gold And Silver For Life review, I’m sure it’s much easier to see now why it’s such a good choice for you.

So here’s the next steps you need to take to get started.

  1. Click Here To Complete This Form
  2. Book A Time For A Call
  3. Get Your Questions Answered Then Join!

gold and silver for life review

It’s as simple as that.

Thanks again for stopping by to read my Gold And Silver For Life review, and be sure to ask any questions below if you have any.

Gold And Silver For Life Gets 4.5/5 Stars!

P.S. After joining, send me an email here with confirmation of joining and I’ll send your bonus!

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