[Case Study] 217% ROI With Facebook

Changing it up a little today.

What I’ve got for you is a simple affiliate marketing case study with Facebook…

And what I’m going to do is give you some recommended advice for each section.

Pretty cool right? Either way here’s the dirty little details.

Niche: Make Money Online

Offer: Keeping private

Clicks: 169

CPC: $0.26

Total Spent: $43.94

Total Generated: $139.50

ROI: 217%


So here’s a breakdown of how I went about getting these numbers.

1) Retarget EVERYTHING

This can be done in Facebook by simply placing a pixel on your pages.

If you are an affiliate…

Make sure you put them on your squeeze and thank you pages.

If you are a vendor…

Make sure you put them on sales letters, buyer optin, and add to cart pages.

(make different custom audiences for each)

There’s other pages I didn’t include above, but those are the most important.

Remember, retarget EVERYTHING.


2) Find HOT Offers

When it comes to a HOT offer to retarget, here is what I recommend you look for.

A) Higher priced ($20 and up with upsells is a good spot to start).
2) High converting (this is a no-brainer).
D) Will your audience eat it up?

We are talking about making a sale here…

So if you can say YES to all 3 of those above then you are good to go.

(I personally go through all products before I promote to my audience).


3) Creating Your Ad

Here’s a picture of what my ad looked like:

1) I ask a question here (using no claims whatsoever).

Simple Example: Want To Build A List?

Simple Example: Looking To Supercharge CPA?

2) Here I used a box of the product since it was recognizable.

3) Headline which was the same as the question I asked.

Lastly and most importantly…

I use a red background with white text (it’s literally impossible to avoid).

Now when it comes to creating the rest of your ad…

You want to obviously target your custom audiences (this is a retargeting campaign, right?)

But here’s some advice I can give you:

Optimize for Link Clicks To Your Website

AND set when you get charged to impressions.

There’s a good chance that your retargeting audience isn’t going to be that massive…

So you can get a good amount of exposure and it won’t cost you as much.


4) Your Landing Page

Yes you can promote make money online offers with Facebook.

However, you need to be careful with claims and do your best to work around them.

When I send to a landing page…

I had a review video that did all of the heavy lifting (that way there’s no written claims).

Aside from that, under the video there was…

1) Call to action link
2) Bonuses
3) Call to action link again
4) Privacy policy link

Note: Definitely do NOT direct link especially to a MMO offer.

Here’s the stats below (the red boarder transactions came from retargeting)

And that about does it.

Like I said, this was traffic I already had so if I never created a campaign…

It would have been money left on the table.

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